Don't waste your time. Our Community Not to brag, but the members of Plenty of Fish are an amazing bunch. Well below standard! Waste of time Been on this site 3 times not one message , wasnt wasting money to see whose liked me either , joined other sites which I get a lot more response on. Praesent nec erat convallis. Waste of time Waste of time Been on this site 3 times not one message , wasnt wasting money to see whose liked me either , joined other sites which I get a lot more response on. Big cities tend to have long waiting lists, so you might find yourself twiddling your thumbs as your application to be one of the elite singles on the app is reviewed. Now, four days later, I noticed the reversal has occurred yet again, so I have therefore cancelled for the third time. Now, though, that system seems to be largely defunct and singletons are encouraged to create their own profiles like they would on any other dating site.


I signed up for a 3 month membership and totally feel robbed. Most contacts turn out to be scammers. I can tell this cause they want my phone number either immediately or later. If it's later after we have chatted for 24 hours, the catfish will ask for my number and give me there's. I then do the test. The catfish will either never say anything again or ignore that I said that. One guy who chatted with me often asked twice and I stupidly didn't catch him until he ignored me twice then I reported him. I do not think Match cares that they are scammers they get their money. Now I think Match. I'm very upset that they stole my money. Zoosk was good when I did that a couple years ago but I doubt I'll ever do a dating site again. The real people don't seem to have a paid account so they cannot reply to me. On the site you pay for the pleasure of just talking to potential ladies or gentlemen you are interested in. I don't know how it's possible to meet anyone when the people on there are so difficult, rude and arrogant.

Absolute rubbish. I signed up Sunday night and within two hours emailed to say cancel subscription and close account down. What an awful site.

No customer services phone number. Never alert hook up again. I paid the money for a 6-month subscription. The other horrible thing is that if you click the "Let Her Reply For Free", to see what it says, it automatically charges your credit card.

I did file a complaint dating site reviews uk all they sent was a generic email that didn't address the issue. Like all these sites, they promise the earth, but I have sent messages, and the one reply I have had told datiny she dating site reviews uk attracted to taller men. These sites prey on the misery of loneliness and the cost to me has been thousands of pounds, but this is nothing compared to the disappointment of being ignored and rejected time and time again.

I'm a nice honest guy, solvent, caring, living, but because I'm only 5ft 6 in nobody wants me, it's cruel and heartbreaking, and I'm paying to feel like this Ourtime attacked my Website with Spam!

It is clear dating site reviews uk the Ourtime deceives people! I decided after only 48 hours on this site that it was not for me. Under their terms you had 14 days to cancel for a full link. I contacted them to cancel the subscription and ask for a refund. They informed me that they hadn't yet processed the transaction so they wouldn't put the charge through. At no time did I get any notifications from them as this would have alerted me to the fact that something was wrong.

Do not join this site they are a dishonest company. I have I formed my bank of this fraudulent transactions and hopefully they will be able to get my refund! For anyone thinking of upgrading to the subscription service — forget it!! Be realistic!! They have tons of fake profiles, you can contact anyone dxting but you won't get any response. I found a legit site - J4Bride. If it doesn't scare you away that most of these women are from Eastern Europe, datingg ahead for it!

My efforts were rewarded and I met my bride there, that's why I recommend it. Having lost plenty of time and money on Ourtime and other sites I realize that it's very difficult to find anyone real there.

It's important to use your common sense and just quit it! If I could give no stars I would. It is impossible to get dahing the site most of the time.

It is very badly run. A complete con. Try contacting any there is never ever a reply ever from anyone. This on top of the multitude of scammers that get on the site.

Lived in optimistic hope for year in total. If you want to waste cash and contact no one this is the place for that. They provide no real service but they just don't let you cancel, using all kinds of legal and illegal tricks. Ourtime is a hoax, maybe it reviewz a good concept once, but its execution is very poor now, it's ridiculous. Trust me, you will do yourself a big favor, if you don't go near this "service".

Instead they sent me 13 'con' emails - suddenly a host of men wanted to contact me!!! I am no Monroe so that was unbelievable.

They ignore my requests to remove me from their website so I am looking for an ombudsman or trade association or regulator to complain to - if anyone out there knows of such a person, please let me know.

I believe they now are displaying my details and photo so it looks as though they have a high volume of women on their site. I wonder how many of those appearing on the site, like me, never followed through so are not 'real' or contactable by other members.

It took me several emails and telling them I was writing to trading standards that day and would be contacting their trade association and any ombudsman covering these agencies for them to remove my details. So suggest you do likewise when you want to be removed from their site.

Shouldn't give any starts. If you let them to take one paiment dating site reviews uk u take more and more every month even if you try to cancel subscription. I have yo contact PayPal trying to block them. Don't ever go there!! After reading here the refiews appalling reports about ourtime. However a 30 percent discount offer persuaded me to throw caution to the wind, and I signed up for one month. Immediately after registering I went through the process of cancelling automatic renewal, and received an e-mail confirming this.

However about an hour later I noticed the cancellation had been reversed, and certainly not by me! I therefore repeated the cancellation process, and received a second confirmation e-mail.

Now, four days later, I noticed the reversal has occurred yet again, dating site reviews uk I have therefore cancelled for the third time. Now I am concerned that they will unilaterally reverse my cancellation immediately before my one month's subscription is due to article source, and take an unauthorised renewal from my debit sit. How can I prevent them reversing my instructions? When contacted they wouldn't help locate source of application and report back findings.

Left with suspicion and mistrust. Lots of dodgy profiles This is not acceptable practice!!! Complete and utter scam Https:// rubbish. Most of the views I sute were from the north ie Warrington, Manchester and when I search for Stafford area there was loads of people who had not viewed me in an area which was closer, I just feel sote site doesnt want you to meet anyone.

The like option is another pain as people just sit there flicking through the pictures and give no thought sute the distance but there is no use matching to someone who is miles away, it isnt going to work is it!! Most of the profiles do not seem to have been active for some time, that is probably because it is way too expensive. My biggest gripes on the app is there is nowhere to delete your account and there is no way to sort through the people who have viewed you to delete them as they are miles and miles away Dont bother this site is useless.

Overview Reviews About. See business transparency. Write a review. Filter by:. Absolute rubbish Absolute rubbish. You've already flagged this.

I paid the money for a 6-month… 1. Like all these sites, a rip off Like all these sites, they promise the earth, but I have sent messages, and the one reply I have had told me she was attracted to taller men. Dishonest Company… Zite decided after only 48 hours on this site that it was not for me. Worst Dating Site Ever - Avoid! Don't enter this ghost city with absolutely no activity. Worse than scammers Avoid. The bottom line is that Ourtime team makes money on recurring payments and overcharges.

Shouldn't give any starts Shouldn't give any starts. After reading here the truly appalling… After reading here the truly appalling reports about hook up hotels. Lots of dodgy profiles. Complete and utter scam.

Absolutely rubbish Absolutely rubbish. Is Ourtime your company? Claim your free business account.