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For many, emotions are bewildering -- they can be misread, affect judgment, trigger unexpected and perplexing behavior and sometimes completely overwhelm you.

Emotionally intelligent people, however, are less challenged by feelings. Those with high emotional intelligence are able to recognize and express emotion, incorporate it into intellect and manage emotions in themselves and in others. In short, emotional intelligence is the ability to read feelings and respond in an appropriate way, says Tina B. The following are nine habits of emotionally intelligent people that help them excel in various aspects of their lives.

So follow their lead and see where it takes you. People with high emotional intelligence EI know the difference between emotions and intellect, says psychotherapist Tina B. They use their critical-thinking skills to moderate their feelings without ignoring them or quashing them. Those with high EI are able to look at themselves honestly and see themselves realistically, Tessina says. Related: 16 Common Dreams and Their Interpretations.

The self-regulation skills emotionally intelligent people possess can benefit them in both business and social situations, allowing them to remain calm, keep a clear head and focus on the issues at hand. Those with emotional intelligence are keenly aware of those around them. They recognize are colonial dating customs think understand the feelings minor dating laws in florida others.

Emotionally intelligent people typically know when to allow someone a bit of space and when to offer support and sympathy. Tessina 1. When people are aware of the feelings of those around them, they tend to also understand how their own actions affect others. Emotionally intelligent people are curious. They ask respectful questions to glean information that can assist them and others in their needs, says Janet Zinn, psychotherapist and consultant in private practice 4.

And this can go a long way to building stronger connections -- and alliances -- with others in both read article and professional arenas. Because they recognize and understand emotions so well, emotionally intelligent people can often encourage and intensify feelings -- such as interest, enthusiasm, minor dating laws in florida and loyalty -- in themselves and others.

Related: 16 Best Motivational Quotes for Fitness. Emotionally intelligent people are familiar with emotions -- including the difficult ones. Those with high EI know to allow for difficult emotions and accept them as a part of life. As a result, we might turn to harmful methods of dealing with them: food, risky sex or activities, drugs or alcohol.

The ability to manage emotions -- their own emotions as well as those of others -- is why emotionally intelligent people tend to not lose millionaire dating best or harm others when they are experiencing difficult emotions, leading to an overall el texas dating quality of life at work and at home, Durvasula says.

Those who are capable of managing emotions competently may also be less likely to suffer from difficult ones manifesting as physical issues, such as headaches or ulcers. What is your opinion on emotional intelligence? Can you think of some habits of the emotionally intelligent that were not included here? Do you -- or does someone in your life -- have high EI? Or do you not have emotional intelligence but wish you did? Share your thoughts with the community in the comments below.

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