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Remember Me? What's New? Results 1 to 8 of vosch. I have searched this site and on the wider web and the few books I have on older stuff and I can find some information about serial numbers cating to but thats all.

We know that Bosch magneto's were in use well beyond but I cant find any serial number magntos after that year. Also, Bosch Magnetos were built in Germany and the USA so magnegos there two series of numbers or xating Germany and the USA co-ordinate to use the same series and allocate numbers to each side of the Atlantic?

If I have missed some threads on here then apologies in advance. I am looking forward to some knowledgeable replies, John. Bosch was supreme in magnetos and I would like dating bosch magnetos know more about their chronological contribution to American motorcycling I know we have members that know a lot about this subject.

Join Date Nov Posts I can speak to some Harley history I suppose. I'm not expert just a fella who can't pass up a magneto when the price is right There's no serial number data post 15 from what I've seen too. Probably due mmagnetos WWI and how pissed off everyone was at Germany post matchmaking services london jewish. From what I hear they are fairly subpar dating bosch magnetos quality compared to the German version of the same mavnetos.

Post WWI electric models started coming into play and surpassed the old Mag orders so most mags are from the prewar era. They made a ton of motorcycles as we know pre 15' and the magnetos were the next most valuable thing to the engine on those bikes so I'm sure they were pulled before they hit the scrap pile. ZEV's are built for the desired firing vosch and usually have the degrees stamped on the armature, aluminum case, and cam to make sure they stay together.

I've never seen one though. This isn't a mag specifically designed for the armature height of the US domestic market and was probably designed for European manufacturers.

These mags are used on all sorts of fancy bikes from europe. These mags do create a heck of a spark but are not really superior in everyday use to a ZEV.

Click believe they are easier to work on as the brush towers are easily removable and the wires can be swapped out in a matter of minutes without removing the magneto from the bike. I've seen these mags adapted for use of 45's. Converted from a single cylinder to a twin. Perhaps earlier. The brush towers on these mags are the hardest to find and a real headache to make.

These seem to be a popular, and probably available in the bisch from a dealer, to run. I don't know if Dating bosch magnetos made magnetos for American motorcycles after that. WW2 probably really nailed the coffin shut there and of read article Harley had already moved on Overall most magnetos are not motorcycle magnetos.

There are heaps of single cylinder magnetos compared to one twin cylinder, there were a lot more stationary engines made than motorcycles I bet. Even more 4 and 6 cylinder mags for planes, cars and magnetoss equipment. Finding twin cylinder cams bosh the later model magnetos is quite difficult.

There is a company in Germany repooping boscj a few of these hard to find parts though. Hopefully I explained some history and did not muck it up too bad. John, I hope we dating bosch magnetos more of your J. I really enjoy the detail you bring to this forum. Originally Posted by gsottl. Originally Posted by mabnetos. I'm not expert just a fella who can't pass up a magneto when the price is right. All times are GMT The time now is PM.

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