I feel good. However, others were insistent that Dove broke off the genie to date her 'Descendants 2' boyfriend, Cameron Doherty. But it was in October of they both took to Twitter to let fans know they had split, and everyone was shocked. It was perfect. Dove confirmed she was dating Thomas Doherty, but insisted on keeping the details private. I have the most amazing family and friends, just truly life-savers in my life that are being really, really good to me. Please be sensitive, as this is painful. They why announced that they were now a band in They named their group Thomas Girl and The Dreamcatcher.


It's been just over three years since the former Liv and Maddie co-stars called it quits on their relationship. Ryan first announced the couple's split on Twitter in Oct. We still love each other very much. Please be sensitive, as this is painful. Amid the speculation, Dove, 24, has yet to respond to her ex's allegation. News has reached out to her rep for comment. I truly didn't think I would be able to make it through that part of my life. Following their breakup, many fans began to speculate about the reason for Dove and Ryan's sudden split. Shortly after the split news emerged, a source told E! News, "None of [Dove's] close friends are very fond of him and their relationship as they felt he …was using her for exposure. The duo's busy schedules also seemed to play a role in their breakup. In the weeks leading up to their split, E!

Dove Cameron and Ryan McCartan's breakup more info a major shock to fans because the pair's click to see more had seemed so ideal: They costarred on a hit TV show, were engaged in real life, made is dove and ryan dating music together as The Girl and the Dreamcatcher, and generally exuded happiness in all their interviews and pics.

Annd months after their split, however, Dove is opening up on Instagram about how far from perfect the relationship really was. The revelation came about when Dove shared a sweet photo of herself cuddling with rumored new boo Thomas Doherty along dating in sargodha the caption, "cheeks so rosy. A datjng invoked Is dove and ryan dating former relationship in the comments, simply typing "Ryan.

Another fan chimed in to observe that Dove looks so much happier these days, and Dove couldn't help but agree. Ryan hasn't responded directly to Dove's assertions, but he did post two mysterious subtweets that could be related.

You guys, gossip is like Monopoly money. It's worth nothing unless you're willing to play a long, boring game. Only Dove and Ryan know the truth about their relationship, but roberto dating it was not as it appeared on Instagram. It's time we accepted that the former Disney couple ryna over — possibly for everyone's good.

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