Retrieved 4 June Archived from the original on 4 January Oxford English Dictionary 3rd ed. Paris: Grasset. This site is an individual and unofficial initiative. Death Plus 10 years. Welcome to Twodoves. He saith, great is His glory: 'Enter into wedlock, O people, that ye may bring forth one who will make mention of Me amid My servants. The goal is to know one another well enough that there is a high level of confidence in the knowledge you hold of each other's character.


There is a similar emphasis on the unity of all people , openly rejecting notions of racism and nationalism. Religion is thus seen as orderly, unified, and progressive from age to age. Therefore, human understanding of God is achieved through his revelations via his Manifestations. Religious history is interpreted as a series of dispensations , where each manifestation brings a somewhat broader and more advanced revelation that is rendered as a text of scripture and passed on through history with greater or lesser reliability but at least true in substance, [24] suited for the time and place in which it was expressed. Conversely, certain general principles for example, neighbourliness, or charity are seen to be universal and consistent. Every human is seen to have a duty to recognize God through his messengers , and to conform to their teachings. Heaven and Hell are taught to be spiritual states of nearness or distance from God that describe relationships in this world and the next, and not physical places of reward and punishment achieved after death. Humanity is seen as essentially one, though highly varied; its diversity of race and culture are seen as worthy of appreciation and acceptance. Doctrines of racism, nationalism, caste, social class, and gender-based hierarchy are seen as artificial impediments to unity. For the establishment of a lasting peace The Most Great Peace and the purging of the "overwhelming Corruptions" it is necessary that all the people of the world universally unite under a universal Faith. The Lesser Covenant is viewed as an agreement between a Messenger of God and his followers and includes social practices and the continuation of authority in the religion. Some measure of divine guidance is assumed for all of these texts.

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