Must be devil worshippers. Also, there are probably thousands of christians that don't go to church, probably because they work, or work all week and want to spend time with family. Similarly if we cause an accident with a Christian among the passengers, we would not be able to drink the blood of the people who died there, because the blood of the Christian would damage the blood in that blood bank, and if we had to drink this blood, we would be weak and unable to do our work. Trump responded to WikiLeaks' disclosure by Tweeting: "It's true! They will also cause fights in the family, they can create rivalries among the brothers to the point where death follows. I warn you solemnly, urgently; Repent before it's too late. She was too insolent and disobedient at home, it was because she was my friend and I had a bad influence on her. I was promoted to take care of the church; when I was at that grade, I visited many well-known Pastors. When I graduated, I was also sent to cause plane crashes, planes that were going towards Australia, Europe or elsewhere.


Trump, according to the documents, was adopted three days after his birth by Mary Anne and Frederick Christ Trump , a New York City real estate developer. Aletheia Veritas , deputy editor of WikiLeaks, said the news organization began investigating Trump's birth certificate in response to the billionaire real estate developer's constant questioning of the validity of President Barack Obama 's birth certificate. Trump finally admitted that Obama was born in the United States on Friday after being confronted with his own birth certificate. Trump responded to WikiLeaks' disclosure by Tweeting: "It's true! Satan is my biological dad! Can't wait to meet him. Heard he's a great guy! In a separate tweet a few seconds later, Trump said: "Satan's a great leader , unlike what we have in this country. WikiLeaks documents also confirm a business relationship between Trump and Satan. Roger Simon of Politico suspected in a column in early August that Trump had made a deal with the devil to win the presidential election. In Simon's column, Satan tells Trump: "But in return, you must sell me your soul. You must betray all decent principles. You must pander, trivialize and deceive. You must gain victory by exploiting bigotry, fear, envy and greed. And you must conduct a campaign based on lies, sham, hype and distortion.

The music industry has long been described as a volatile, sometimes evil, environment where talent is often exploited by greedy music execs. Conspiracy theorists take it a step further, believing the industry is controlled by elite groups that use pop stars to spread their satanic agenda to the masses.

After former Disney star Miley Cyrus appeared nude in the video for "Wrecking Ball," Sinead O' Conner penned an open letter urging her not to let herself be "pimped" and "prostituted" by the music industry and encouraging her to protect herself. Though the letter was mocked by Cyrus, her provocative new image is a prime example of how artists are exploited to generate sales and datung traditional social values.

Known for her blatantly sacrilegious songs, videos and taiwan free dating website performances, Lady Gaga has come under fire for her dark antics. The pop star was accused of performing a satanic ritual at the London's Intercontinental Hotel, after leaving behind a bathtub full of blood.

She also received dating a devil worshiper backlash after a SXSW show where she hired a performance artist to estados dating ambassador unidos ng on her while singing.

Gaga regularly incorporates blood, fire and nudity into her live performances. Her satanic image has caused show cancellations in conservative countries where religious leaders exert power. The heavy metal singer datimg bit off the head of a dove during datjng live performance in dating a devil worshiper, and reportedly bit off the head of a bat the following year.

Animal activists protested his concerts after learning fans would toss live animals to the stage to be killed.

The video was produced by Mark Romanek, who is known for producing pop videos with demonic imagery. Reznor discovered, signed and co-produced Marilyn Manson. He admitted that fans approach devl after shows requesting to participate in devil worship and magic with him. As the last resident before the home was demolished, datijg took the front door as a souvenir and installed it at his funeral-home-turned-recording studio. Minaj has happily adopted an alter ego named "Roman Zolanski" in homage to click movie producer Roman Dating a devil worshiper and husband of murdered actress Sharon Tate.

The president of the Catholic League released a statement calling The Recording Academy "irresponsible" for allowing the offensive performance. Rapper Jay Z has denied rumors that he is a part of the Illuminati for years. The Illuminati is a title given to a secret elite group that many believe rule the world and practice satanic worship.

This group is rumored to use the entertainment industry to promote their datinf. Her dark image, complete with public nudity, gun tattoo, oversexualized performances and videos steeped in occult imagery, have kept her on the radar of religious groups. Like her mentor, Jay Z, Rihanna has publicly denied being part of the Illuminati. Blamed for ushering in a new age of sexual depravity, Madonna has been labeled a devil-worshipper and "servant of the devil".

The pop icon's live shows and videos contain occult symbols and she is often part of controversial performances with younger new generation pop stars.

Madonna has openly claimed to practice Kabbalah, previously repping the Kabbalah Centre International, which many believe is a Hollywood cult. Shanon is a contributing author for DivorcedMoms.

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