This hardware often has inclusions or marks left behind by grains of sand or odd colors from impurities. UK before ? You should have a discernible amount of difference between the two measurements. This content is imported from YouTube. Look for discoloration from hot bowls and spilled liquids on dining tables. Furniture is still being crafted by hand today. Rungs should have discoloration or be worn down where you would place your feet. Take hold of the handle. Dealers who specialize in country and primitive furniture have depended on the above methods plus the study of nails for dating their antiques.


Determining the age of antique furniture is not an exact science, but there are certain indicators of age evident in furniture. How a piece is constructed is a common measure of age. You should look at the screws, nails, wood, joining and hardware. The condition and quality of materials are used to gauge the age of a piece. The wear and tear of a piece of furniture also helps to tell its age. A legitimate antique is one hundred years old or older. It should have a bit of scarring to show for its time. Here are a few tips on how to determine the age of a piece of furniture. Measure the tabletop for round tables. Wood shrinks over time, and only in one direction. Round tabletops should be out of round, meaning they should be slightly oval. Measure the tabletop from top to bottom and from left to right. You should have a discernible amount of difference between the two measurements.

The stylistic techniques used to date formal furniture such as Chippendale and Hepplewhite simply does not work for American country and primitive furniture. Country furniture does have its styles based predominately on religion and region. The catholic French and the Irish built cupboards with bold firniture, cut out feet, raised panels and they painted their cupboards in bright colors.

The puritan New England cabinetmakers built simple unadorned cupboards painted in dating antique furniture hinges colors. The Shakers are well known for their simple but elegant furniture. Furniture built in the Midwest and the South is datig from New England made pieces. The problem with using style to establish the construction date of country and primitive furniture is that regional styles remained unchanged for most of antjque 19th century. Unable to use style, dealers and collectors have turned to the telltale signs left on the furniture higes by tools and by construction speed dating cleveland ohio. This system is remarkably accurate to within a ten-year period.

During the Industrial Revolution, the method of making nails, screws, hinges, latches, and of milling lumber changed often. Each change is documented, most visit web page patented.

The style of nails changed a dozen times, furnitue hinge changed four times, the screw changed three times, and so did latches and pulls. The methods of working wood also changed during this time. The saw changed, molding styles changed, mortising changed. Since it is impossible for any item to be older furnituure the technology that made it possible, a chronological datkng of the advancement of cabinetmaking technology can be used to establish construction dates to within a few years.

The up antiqje down saw leaves marks on wood that look like this. The circular saw leaves marks on wood that look like this. The pit saw is a two-man powered saw used in America before to cut logs into boards. Afterits major use was as a large jigsaw to shape knees, ribbing, and planking for ships. The up-and-down saw, was used in this country from the s until early in the s. Therefore, most boards used in the construction of early cupboards show signs of being cut with an up-and-down saw.

The circular saw although introduced in the mid s could not be made big enough and powerful enough to cut lumber of the size used in furniture construction until The circular saw was limited to cutting thin pieces of wood such as shingles, clapboards, and laths until the early s. Cupboards and other dating antique furniture hinges in which the large size boards used in their construction are circular saw cut can date tobut usually date after ahtique The rough sawed dating u of t used in furniture construction was smoothed titanfall retrieving either a hand held plane, or a planing machine.

The hand held plane was used in this country from the beginning until after Planing machines were experimented with early in the s. Two early experiments are the Woodworth planer in and the Daniels planer in However, a perfected machine was not developed until Lawsuits over patent rights prevented its use until Machine plane marks are of some use in dating cupboards made as early asbut machine plane marks hinves suggest a construction date of or gift ideas for newly dating. The introduction of the modern looking butt hinge used to hold doors on dating antique furniture hinges dates to Beforehinges were made one at a time by a blacksmith.

The first butt hinges were made out of cast iron. They were thick and heavy. Bycast iron hinges became thinner as manufacturers honges to squeeze more hinges out of each pound of iron. Bythe use of cast iron in the making of butt hinges was discontinued in favor of stamped steel. The common wood screw underwent a major change in when T. Sloan of New York Read more invented the first machine to mass-produce this item.

Sloan holds many patents for cutting threads, shaping points, and forming the heads of screws. Beforeall screws were handmade and the slot in we dating or friends top of the screw was hand cut with a hacksaw. Seldom furniturf the cut placed exactly in the center. Because the new machine made screw was inexpensive, it was readily accepted by cabinetmakers. Items made after are made using this new screw. For the first ten years of production, machine made screws were made with no slot in their head.

The slot still had to be cut by hand with a absolutely im an extrovert dating an introvert variant. Country furniture made with these screws can easily be dated to the ten-year period The Mercer library contains materials on both machine made screws and methods of cutting screws by hand.

Incast iron latches became available to cabinetmakers. After the introduction of the cast iron latch, most cabinetmakers used this new feature in place of the little wooden turnstile that datinh been used for centuries. In the South and Midwest, hand-cast brass latches were in use before These early latches were inlaid into cabinet doors rather than being attached to the surface, as were the later cast iron latches. Dealers who specialize in country and primitive furniture have depended on the datingg methods plus the study of nails for dating their antiques.

Many dealers feel that the technological system is superior to the stylistic system. Furniture styles linger for years. New technologies, because they bring cheaper prices or faster methods, are accepted quickly — usually within a year or two.

The Dating of Old Houses, a paper prepared binges Dr. Henry C. Mercer, contains photographs, drawings, and patent information on nails, hinges, screws, hardware, planing machines, etc. The screw above was handmade. The in the top was hand cut by fudniture hacksaw.

The screw on the right was machine made. The slot in its head was cut by a machine. There are many differences between a handmade and a machine-made screw.

The shank of a handmade screw does not taper. The hiinges of the handmade screw is blunt. By contrast, the shaft of the machine made screw tapers to a point. The threads are cut evenly and they pitch at a different angle pros cons of dating a girl those of the handmade screw.

Business for speed networking dating first machine made screw dates to The first machine made screw with a long dating lines decoded yahoo something cut slot in its head dates to Click here to view part two of this article. Re: article july 3 regarding dating primitive furniture.

I frequently see pointed screws on English furniture and small pieces. Does this necessarily mean that the item was made after ? Or was a pointed screw available in Europe esp. UK before ? Thanks for any help. I have been perplexed by source for years. You must be logged in to post a comment.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Log in Remember me. Lost your password? This hinge furnitkre to about The ihnges in the middle is thinner and was removed from a cupboard made about Dating schizoaffective disorder hinge on the right dating antique furniture hinges a modern hinge.

It was removed from a house when the kitchen cabinets were undated. The hinge dates to Stamped steel hinges began to appear in I began collecting up and down, pit, bolt, and early circular futniture to study saw construction and the marks each type of saw left on the wood it cut.

The four saws hook up double switch the left are waterwheel powered up and down saws.

The circular furnituee was used to cut clapboards before antiqhe Modern circular saws spin fast and cut very little wood on each revolution. The furnitrue three saws are bolt saws ajtique by some mills to square both ends of a log before cutting boards.

The three gurniture on the right furnuture two-man powered pit saws used to handsaw logs into boards. The tall pit saw was used in a dating antique furniture hinges as turniture large jigsaw to shape timber for ship construction. For the purpose of scale and size, my garage is eight feet — six inches tall.

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