Select a membership level. Meet people, make friends, and maybe find a boyfriend? Maddy turned around and saw that Leslie was walking toward her and Dillon with her band of bitches following right behind her. Customer reviews. When they pulled up, Dillon was already sitting outside waiting for them to pull up. Sign in Sign in to add your own tags to this product. The scent of fresh vanilla and strawberries began to calm her nerves.


Chapter Maddy took a deep breath. The scent of fresh vanilla and strawberries began to calm her nerves. She had yet to make a move, which made Maddy feel nervous. She liked being prepared. I thought that maybe if we did a little Christmas shopping together, it would take your mind off of things. Maddy jumped out of her seat and snatched her coat from the table. She had never been so paranoid in her life. Every bump or odd noise she heard made her feel threatened. Maddy was walking on the second floor of the mall when her phone suddenly rang. It was Dillon. Maddy turned once more and saw Dillon jumping and waving her hands in the air.

Awakfning you 18 years of age or older? Skip navigation. Select a membership level. Tier II - Latest Version. What is "The Awakening"? Spoilers After two years you finally wake up from a coma which was caused by a car accident.

You are suffering from amnesia and you have not the slightest idea in what kind of situation you are in. Go along the dating awakening to find out nia and real world you truly are.

Don't forget that your choices will make an impact on the story as new updates come out. All characters in the game are of at least 18 years of age. Screenshots: Gameplay:. It is a typical Visual Novel with a focus on eating of images and animations.

The Gameplay is basically exploring places by navigating through the minimap. At this support level we can increase our team even further for future projects and spend more on equipment that would increase productivity and make workflow easier for the team.

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