There were screenshots of conversations and general updates about her life. More Details Never been out with a surveyor and I thought why not, although friends had said they are boring. Many thanks to the publisher for this opportunity. I can definitely see this appealing to a few of my grade 8 and 9 female readers. It is over, really. I just idk I didn't like it. Not a book I would suggest running out to buy, but if you want a chuckle inducing book maybe check to see if your library has it.


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Saturday, 25 January Dates or Mates. Internet dating does what says on the tin.

It is internet dating. You look for what you fancy whether it be on uniform dating. Or there that is one called Happn. Yet when you "Crush" ajd they never bloody answer. Anyway I was chatting to a girlfriend at work called May not real name and she was saying disasterx she prefers to date and daitng really want a relationship but loves the fun that dating can bring. I went away and had a little think about it.

Dating website catchphrases she is right, although i am double her age its not about being desperate to be in a relationship its about having fun, ahd good about yourself, knowing tthat you still have got what it takes to meet someone and have an amazing time.

If they want to see you again romantically then thats obviously a bonus. But if you didnt have a terrible time then there is no harm in staying friends dahing having the odd drink and catch up. So we still text and check in on each other and its all good. Sometimes drinks if they visit Brighton. As deoights get older we become more confident and less tolerant. And very independant.

That is where our problems lay as women. We have been shit on in the and have selena dating gomez bieber justin is still to grow and survive. We are also lucky to have amazing friends that support us and they will back anything up as they have probably been through the same poo, so we become stronger.

We don't want a bloke laying on our sofa watching tipping point because he is not working, ad then expecting us to play mother.

We want a man to disastees us and love us for who we are. We might be a little loud or a little quirky but we are who we are and if they cant cope with that then they should do one.

Anyway, Dating disasters and delights guess what i am saying is, its ok to date, its ok for them to be a mate, but dont sell yourself short. You are beautiful, funnykindquirkey you are YOU. Wednesday, 22 January Dating in General.

The whole internat dating thing disasfers crap really. You could, if you were stupid enoughspend weeks getting repetitive strain injury, trying to get to know someone only to find they have cronic bad breath and wear mancini man shoes with blakeys on the heels. Here's a tip or two. Obviously find someone to chat to. Preferably, someone you have fancy. Chat by messaging for a bit, delightx if he is brave enoughask for his number for a real chat.

This will help you suss him out. I made a mistake once of not chatting on the phone and when we met and he asked me what I wanted to drink I thought I was talking to one of the mice that looked after the marvelous mechanical mouse organ for Bagpuss.

Go for banter. You can take the piss, but he will think its just bants! Dont worry too much about getting dollied up, chances are he hasnt bothered. Lippy and perfume will suffice. Trust me I went to a date with my hair looking like a wild woman of Borneoand he kissed me goodnight When diswsters to them get hints of their favourite things, dark choc etc, then give it as a gift as you part ways.

Make him feel a little ans If you have chatted to them on the phone you have an idea what he is about. Meet as if you have been mates for years, relaxed and chilled. Good Luck You are going to need it.

Sunday, 17 November Mr Orange Bear. SummerAugust. There I am tannedas I am lucky enough to work in a school, well lucky in the respect that I get the summer off. The other is another story. Anyway it was a wet Monday afternoon and this fella contacted me out of the blue. I think the dating site was called Fullofnutters. Anyway, he wanted to meet so I thought well why not. It had been a boring day, but he was insistent on meeting that dating disasters and delights as he was off on his travels in his Z4, camping, and didn't want to wait until he got back.

Turns out his name was Leo Anyway we arranged to meet at the Bolney Stage. Nice pub and we decided to have food. I noticed that his jacket was a little on the large size. He reminded me a little of Crystal Carrington from Dynasty. Anyway he was a very interesting date especially as he was sitting there like a 's news reader, click me his life story. While we were sitting there some bird recognised me from a 's thing I had been to the weekend before.

I wonder whether dating disasters and delights had the same thoughts as me about his 80's get up. Mind you Delihhts had a date with someone that turned delighys in an 's Bodie and Doyle style leather jacket for a date and I asked him if he was in djsasters dress.

Thats another story.!! Anyway, the date continued disasterss we went delkghts the lounge for coffee I can be sophisticated sometimes. No don't laugh. I can. He needed to head off as he was going on his road trip the next day. So we deoights to leave. Bless him he gave me a kiss goodbye which ended up being dsiasters snogathon. He said should we sit in the car so we could carry on chatting.

Clearly his chatting ended up to be the continuation of the snogathon. I then was introduced to Mr Orange Bear. Mr Orange Bear. Age Traveller, voyuer and tatty looking to be fair. He has probably seen a few birds in and out of that Z4 in his life time.

Travels with Leo everywhere. At that point I decided it was best to skiddadle I wished him well. Well disaters my head i thought that.

And to this day I think him diassters the bear dating disasters and delights still travelling Wednesday, 9 October Dastardly and Mutley. Well this one happened at the beginning of the school holidays I think.

I was attracted to the fact he had a dog. I a minor ct laws dating on to myself that he must be a nice guy if he has a dog. Although was slightly obsessed with his. Anyone that knows me knows the I love my dog but visit web page one was a little disastrs the top. Nowwe met in Good Comps and the first thing I was drawn to was his shoes.

Now do you know what, I am not perfect, however, I like to wear my dating disasters and delights disassters with matching bag just for edlights. He was wearing these weird funny deck type shoe things. I don't do beige. And beige wrangler chino type trousers I ask you, not that I was taking much noticeAnyway, look,all that aside risasters had a nice time and he dropped me home.

I went out with my sister, met up with friends then met Dastardly in Hove. Persian food delihts I recall, I was slightly pickled after being out with my sister. Very nice. Tara chuck. Sunday day after pride. We arranged to meet again. I arranged to pick him up and we went back to mine quick change and quick drink, treat for the dog and off we went on the bus into town.

Buswankers extraordnaire.