Do you get annoyed, or are you even happier to spend that time with them? So decide which man feels more natural to be with. When she's not writing, the UC Davis graduate is focused on pursuits of the entertainment industry, spin class, and hot sauce. One may have the best butt; the other may have an impressive beard. There is absolutely nothing wrong ladies with playing the field a little and dating two guys at once, as long as you are up front about it! Finding one person you want to date and be with is rare, let alone two! Type keyword s to search. Always, always, always ladies be honest and up front.


Your friends get tired of hearing about it. You wonder if either one is actually right. You change your mind frequently. You think about it all the time. You recognize the irony of it. Before you met these guys, you were as single as can be. You feel lonely and smothered all at once. You feel kind of spoiled. Part of the reason this decision is so hard for you to make is that giving one of these guys up means knowing that someone else is going to snag him. Then you feel selfish for feeling that. You sort of wish the decision would make itself. But then the idea of either of them dumping you really sucks, too. You question what qualities are actually important in a person. Each guy has his better qualities, and each guy is also totally human with his faults. You wish you could keep them both.

I am in my early 20's and I have feelings for two totally different guys. One guy I have known for the past 3 years. We became friends, but nothing happened between us, as I just never told him. About a year ago, I was told by a close friend of his that he did have feelings for me.

I have seen him after, but I have not gotten the chance to speak to him about it, as we are always interrupted.

The next guy is a lot older than me and I have known him a year and a half. Nothing has happened between me read more him, mainly because he has a girlfriend. He does ask me anytime he gets if I am single. I don't know what dating two guys cant decide do, should I just forget the both of them? I am sick of being torn between these two, is it time I move on, and how do I do this? Is it time to move on?

I think you already know that yes, it is. Can you list for yourself what it is about both of these men you find attractive? What are the negatives about You may want to write down how you feel about them and relationships generally in a diary or letters to yourself.

This may help you see if there are particular things you are attracted to in a potential date — or warning signs to avoid. If these are the only two men you have been interested in, have you been happily single while occasionally remembering you quite like them? Or have you been consistently hoping things might develop further?

You might find this previous reply to a woman who was unsure about next steps helpful. Could any of these apply to you? If so, do you have any thoughts why this might dating two guys cant decide and how you could address it?

You asked about moving on. Thinking about whether there are blocks and barriers see above is one way. Being honest with your self is another. That might involve thinking about how you view this situation as you feeling torn between two men. Why might that be? What need is it fulfilling? Having done this — how do you feel? Excited about future possibilities? If you feel you could do with some additional support, confidence or assertiveness courses could benefit you your library or adult education centre will have details.

Keeping busy with hobbies, volunteering, socializing and spending time with friends can distract you, fill your time with enjoyable activities, and possibly lead to meeting someone new. If, however, you would like to be in a relationship you may find the following ways are a good way to free u s dating someone. If you focus on yourself you may find you forget about these two men.

Or are in a stronger position to act — for example if you still like the first man to ask him out. Alternatively you want to put your energies into enjoying being single or finding someone you do want to spend your time with.

Rather than worry about which man to decide between it may be more productive to focus on how long you have spent in this situation. If the ideas above are helpful but you feel you need more support to avoid being stuck in a similar situation in future you may find relationship counselling for yourself might help. Waiting years without taking action is a waste of your time. Follow her on Twitter read article. What do you like about these guys?

What would you like from a relationship? Including not having had sex before or for a while Being trapped in a situation where occasional contact is taken as a substitute for a dating two guys cant decide while actually wanting a full on relationship Consciously or unconsciously picking people who are not available or not actively interested Fear of commitment. Creating a relationship that suits you. A further approach is to consider what an ideal relationship might be like for you.

You could do this by reading the following books:. Getting out there. Online dating can boost your confidence even if you decide not to take things further. What now? Email your sex and relationships queries to: agony. Please note Petra cannot offer individual responses visit web page answer every single question.