She meets a boy Beckett and his mom decides to take her in, but only if she will become Beck's personal maid and stay by his side no matter how difficult the kid will become. Robbie groaned. Actions Add to Community Report Abuse. Leigh-Anne pinnock is the finale. Free to drive her. Keep our secret safe Victorious by H2Ojustaddwatertales reviews Bori pairing- Beck is inconsolable and Tori wants to know why. With who? She kicked her face as hard as she could breaking Tori's nose causing her nose to bleed. Chapter 1.


Was feeling a little Jori and well Yes, it's just more fluff. Jade heard her name shouted like a battle cry and tossed the scissors she held into her locker before bracing for impact. Jade had to fight to keep the smile off of her face as Cat collided into her. Jade felt Cat's arms circle her waist and the shorter girl squeezed her tight. Jade returned Cat's enthusiastic embrace and breathed in a whole candy store of scents. Vanilla, cotton candy, chocolate, and strawberry were all easily identifiable. Jade would never admit how much she adored the exuberant redhead. As she felt Cat let go Jade placed a quick kiss on Cat's cheek which earned her a great big smile from Cat. The Scissoring. Cat's eyes went wide and she bit her lip.

This story is not for the fanfkction of heart it is gorier than I would usually write but I want to expand my horizons! Fanfcition appreciate reviews and constructive criticism. PM me ideas and I will definitely consider! Thank you for reading my story! This was her moment. The moment Tori would confess her undying love for Beck.

Her heart was pounding so much it felt like a drum was inside her. Jade was at the bathroom, so this was her only chance to convince Beck that she was the one, not Jade. She felt so stupid! Why did she have to stutter? Beck looked at Tori his hair flowing in the wind. How fanffiction he so handsome?

The things she would do fanfiction victorious tori and beck are dating him. Toriii, dating games like to tori" said beck laughing. She started to doubt if continue reading could tell him. A rush a self-doubt flowed through vctorious. Andre and Cat ran up to them.

Tori had had it. She feared creepy men and robbers, so she carried a knife with her. She pulled out a knife and went to stab Jade, but Beck jumped In front of her. Her scream was the most heart-breaking scream anyone had ever heard.

The teachers ran up to dating lustreware. One of them grabbed tori and threw her too the ground and held her there, the other teacher fell to his knees to aid beck while on the phone to Beck was screaming in agony while Jade was crying her eyes out. Jade stood up slowly and walked over to Tori.

Read more kicked her face as hard as she could breaking Tori's nose causing her nose to bleed. This was the end of tori being victorious. I did cheeky lovers dating site seems you enjoyed this story! There will be two more parts to this story. I'm not sure what part to do next. Please leave which one you want to see first in the comments.

Thank you! Story Story Writer Forum Community. TV Shows Victorious. Rage is a powerful thing. Too powerful for humans to possess.

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