They are together with the others and Sue at Mr. When Mercedes elects herself leader of the group Santana disagrees, everyone votes for Mercedes except for Brittany, who quickly thinks of a reason to stay loyal to Santana. They are together with the others in the choir room discussing the Night of Neglect Fundraiser. Both have dirt beards. Rachel tells her she wasn't invited because she doesn't have a boyfriend, Santana looks to Brittany. That's just too much for me to take and Santana knows that. After the.


Santana started as a feisty William McKinley High School mean girl, but she evolved over the six seasons as she came to terms with her sexuality. Santana came out in the episode "I Kissed a Girl" after developing feelings for best friend Brittany. I have been feeling very heavy lately. In July, Rivera, 33, disappeared during a trip to Lake Piru in Ventura County, California, where she rented a pontoon boat and went swimming with her 4-year-old son, Josey Dorsey. Most of you felt like it was an inspiration to become your best self," Morris said in her video. It was never lost on Naya. We both knew how special that was. I think she knew a little bit more than I did. I really felt it a lot later with all the messages and all the people reaching out. They were basically writing for the fans," Morris continued. Morris also said she knows many fans continue to grieve Rivera's death and take comfort by watching Glee. And I know a lot of you feel very lost and very far away from what happened, a maybe a bit confused. So I want to thank everyone here watching and I want to thank all the fans for your love and support," Morris added.

The only thing that can keep you from freezing to death is to have good glee santana and brittany are we dating around you to keep you warm. She served as the co-captain of the Cheeriosas a member of the school's Glee Club, the New Directions and was previously a member of the all-girls second Glee Club, The Troubletones. Santana was outed as a lesbian in season three.

Before that, she had been struggling with accepting her sexuality. She glee santana and brittany are we dating on tour with Mercedes and Brittany. Santana is introduced as an antagonist alongside Quinn.

Together with Brittanythey are The Unholy Trinitythe three most popular cheerleaders at school. She is seen as a bitchy cheerleader who takes pride in her cruel attitude. She has a very minor appearance in this episode. She approaches Finn and Rachel in the hallway with Quinn and watches her asking Finn what he's doing talking to Rachel.

Towards the beginning of the continue reading, while Will and Emma are having a friendly conversation Santana and Quinn walk past with Santana then saying "get a room" and Quinn saying to Will that Coach Sylvester wants to see him in her office.

Puck then comments to the boys of the Celibacy Club that the Cheerios' skirts are "crunchy toast" and that he can "see her ovaries" referring to Santana when she bends over. Then it goes back to the girls and Santana is seen twirling with her skirt flying around with the rest of the girls saying "It's all about the teasing and not about the pleasing.

At the meeting where the boys meet up with the girls, Santana pairs up with Puck for the "balloon exercise," and is disgusted when he jokes around with the balloon. This audition is part of Sue's plan to infiltrate the club with spies. This then leads to Puck being interested in older women because he thinks that "young girl's shoot you down and make you feel terrible.

She is seen at the glee rehearsals, sitting next to Brittany and Quinn. She is seen cheering on the football team. The Rhodes Read article Taken. She looks shocked when Puck reveals Quinn's pregnancy. Schue that they were cheating by taking pseudo-ephedrine. When Sue becomes co-director of the club, she picks Santana for her "elite glee club.

Schuester notes that she is Latina near the end of the episode. Santana gets jealous when Puck sings Sweet Caroline to Rachel. She, along with the other Glee Club members, waits to see if the boys would choose Glee or the Football Team and is happy when she sees Matt and Mike entering the music room.

She is seen hugging Matt and saying 'I Portale test You'. She performs background vocals in Bust a Move with all the other members. She then slushies Mr.

She disapproves of the idea of a bake sale, saying that they are kind of bougie, but after some convincing, she helps with the sale along with FinnPuckand Quinnbut ends up eating most of the drug-filled cupcakes. She is seen performing background vocals in Proud Mary with the rest of the Glee Club. Santana picks Brittany as her ballad partner.

She performs background vocals in Lean on Me. Santana and Brittany's duet is not shown in the episode. Santana is seen watching the performance of Jane Addams Academy and learning "hairography" from Brittany. She confronts Quinn angrily, warning her to stay away from "her man," Puck. She tells her that they were sexting while he and Quinn were babysitting - and that nobody can erase her super hot sexts.

She also remarks that glee santana and brittany are we dating someone to babysit is "so nineties. Santana is briefly seen with Brittany, drawing on Rachel's picture in a school ivy league dating. She performs background vocals in Jump and Smile.

She is included in a five-party phone call in which Brittany reveals they have slept source. When she and Brittany are accused of giving Sue the set-list she defends herself, but Brittany admits she was the one to do it although her actions were unintentional.

When Quinn reveals that Sue orders the Cheerios to spy on Glee Club, she admits that no one best dating site status forcing her to stay in click the following article club - she likes Glee and it's "the best part of her day.

They ask him on a date with both of them. However, they do offer to make out in front glee santana and brittany are we dating him. The Power of Madonna. Santana then gives Finn the chance to lose his virginity with her, which he accepts after learning that Rachel is still dating Jesse St.

In a fantasy sequence, she, along with Finn, sings Like a Virginwhich later becomes reality click at the end, they have sex. She i click to see more the one that says she knows Jesse is a spy.

Santana is seen during Kurt's performance of A House Is Not a Home she is seen with her head on Brittany's shoulder while their pinkies are linked. She is then seen giving her opinion to Mercedes on Sue's vomit-inducing drink, saying that she would rather drink it than being kicked off the Cheerios. She performs background vocals in Beautiful and Home.

Santana instantly blames Puck read article starting the Glist because Quinn is first. However, she isn't personally bothered because she is second. Santana becomes extremely jealous when Puck starts singing with Mercedes in Glee Club. Santana sings background vocals in One. Santana plays a minor role as she is seen during Glee Club meetings. She sings background vocals in Dream a Little Dream. Santana sings main click at this page with the girls' and Kurt's performance of Bad Romance.

For the performance, Santana wears her rendition of a giant black bow hat and a black lacy body suit, similar to one worn by Lady Gaga. She is then seen watching the boys performance of Shout It out Loud and Beth. Santana goes with the rest of New Directions to protect Kurt and Finn from Azimo and Karofsky and is seen laughing at the end of the episode because Mercedes says they looks weird.

Santana and the rest of the Cheerios fall into a depression when cheerleading coach Sue refuses to get out of bed. She is seen crying with her hair down and loose and watches Finn, Puck, and Mercedes singing Good Vibrations.

She is stunned when Jesse St. James transfers back to Vocal Adrenaline. Sue finally gets out of bed and they go on to win Nationals which restores the Cheerios to their normal selves. Sue takes her Nationals trophy to Will's house, with help from Santana and Brittany, to gloat about her victory. She performs backup vocals and the "Naya dance" in Give up the Funk.

She joins New Directions in making Vocal Adrenaline jealous. Santana discusses Sue's placement as a judge at Regionals with the rest of the club and admits that Sue told her and Brittany she is planning to "crush the club. Schue to keep focused when she says "we know we can't win. She later accompanies Quinn article source the hospital and hears the results of Regionals with the rest of Glee Club.

Back at school, believing the club to be over, Santana admits that before Glee she "hated everyone in the club. When the continuation of the club is announced, she is seen linking pinkies with Brittany and smiling during Over the Rainbow. It is revealed that over the summer holiday, Santana got breast implants in order to get more attention and increase her popularity.

This shows that Santana isn't as confident as she appears to be. This proves to be extremely effective as nearly all the guys that come across Santana become immediately hypnotized by her increased breast size. Santana seems pleased with the attention, except when those who are unattractive and unpopular are ogling her. Santana is demoted from Head Cheerio to the "bottom of the pyramid" after Quinn informs Coach Sylvester that Santana got a boob job.

Sue then promotes Quinn back to head cheerleader, as she intends to use Quinn's past pregnancy as a sympathy factor to get money out of various church groups. Furious at her demotion from head cheerleader to the bottom of the pyramid, Santana angrily attacks Quinn and accuses her of being a slut because of her past pregnancy.

Santana defends Brittany when she says she doesn't want to do a Britney Spears' number. Later at the dentist's office, she accompanies Brittany and says her dad is a real doctor so she can pay helpful who os chris evans dating consider the anaesthesia. She somehow enters the same dream fantasy as Brittany performing their duet of Me Against the Music. Next in the auditorium, she performs vocals during the club's performance of Toxic.

Santana supports Kurt, whose father just suffered a heart attack. At the end sings with New Directions, One of Us. Santana gives Brittany a hickey in Duets.

She is seen lying on a bed with Brittany and nuzzling her neck. When Brittany proposes singing a duet together, Santana harshly rejects the idea by saying that she doesn't love her, and only needed someone to make out with while Opinion pink wink online dating site what was in juvie.

She then proposes a duet with Mercedes, stating that she believes they are the two best singers in the club and in teaming up, they will be, "the undisputed top bitches at this school. When she learns that Artie and Brittany are dating, Santana tells Artie she believes Brittany is only using him for his voice and that Bri ttany doesn't care about sex as much as he does, showing that she's jealous of Artie.

When Sam and Quinn are singing their duet, she is disgusted at the sappiness, sarcastically saying to Mercedes, "So freakin' charming!. The Rocky Horror Glee Show. She portrays Magenta, alongside Quinn. Santana seems primarily interested in seeing Finn and Sam walking around in see more underwear, and makes loud sexual comments regarding it, making Finn feel self-conscious. She spies on Mr. She and Brittany make fun of Emma for being a virgin.

Santana, along with the other girls in New Directions, participates in the boys vs.