What do you need help on? T need to get them talk hookup! First, develop a friendship AND a relationship with another sim. The BFF thing should be removed because it can make the goal silly to achieve. General 4 Answers Can you have babies in this game? Predial lindy cauterises, erotic nightlife, check bump. Log into your account. You just have to snatch it.


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The Sims Forums. Categories Discussions Activity Best Of August 28 - Everyone ready for the Friday Highlight? It's ready for you here! Let's watch the live stream together and discuss HERE! TrehekTheSim Posts: 73 Member. By the time I got the goal, I was in a relationship with Soulmate status.

We got Engaged through the conversation option and then Married using the wedding arch during a wedding event. This did not complete the goal of getting married, which I think is silly. The goal should be fixed to include this scenario, since being Soulmates certainly includes being BFFs AND it's certainly within the scope of the aspiration. Or I don't know if the problem was in the marriage method somehow. Baristatye Posts: 96 Member.

September Soul mate isn't your bff, only your bff is your bff at the time! If we assume not and you'd have a bff in addition to your soulmate, won't it still make more sense click at this page the aspiration to get married with the soulmate instead of the bff?

It would make sense to me that one of the following changes be made: 1 First have the goal "Gain a soulmate", then in the next stage "Marry your soulmate". The BFF thing should be removed because it can make the goal silly to achieve. Since stage 1 of the goal includes dates and a lot of kissing, it's quite possible that romance develops faster than friendship and denying that is a link limit.

Elmawa Posts: 2, Member. I'm having another issue with this aspiration. I got through what's mentioned in the OP just fine, now she's on level two and cannot progress. One of the requirements is stupid However she has enough charisma that the apologize option is now called "smooth apology", I had her do that a couple times but the goal never completed. I don't know if it's because the apologize option is named something else now, or what? I even tried resetting her, twice, and reloading the save.

So, either my game is glitching out, or this particular aspiration is borked Best dating reviews Posts: 30 Member. You could use the "aspirations. I just completed this aspiration. Here is what you have to do. First, develop a friendship AND a relationship with another sim. Once you have your friendship to the highest point, you will be given an option in the "friendly" interactions menu for "become best friends".

Once you are married AND best friends, you will fulfill this part of the aspiration. I hope this helped. That certainly worked. Thanks for the tip! Eaving Posts: Member. September edited September Then come home to your spouse and say one mean thing, then apologize. Smooth apology should work that time. It's what I ended up doing and it was the only thing that worked.

October My sim has the highest relationship possible on both friendship and romance and I have no option to be BFF. Terrylin Posts: 4, Member. MsPhy Posts: 5, Member. Learn more here edited October There was somewhere I had seen this issue as well still looking for it again and apparently this is a bug.

This web page was not intended to only have 1 BFF. It's very disappointing that EA can't fix these issues but instead desires to push out new semi-broken content or content that breaks things. You can't get another BFF February In order to become BFF's with someone, you must get a high friendly relationship, then ask the person to be your BFF via the friendly interactions.

Sincerbox Posts: 2, Member. March I have the same issue as OP. My sims are married BFF's and their romance and friendship meters are maxed out but they still click here only lovebirds and not soulmates. Cannot fulfill the requirement to become soulmates.

Cryonax1 Posts: 1 New Member. January I too am experiencing this issue, only I actually am BFF with my spouse, read article just is not recognizing that fact.

We were BFF and How to get sims from best friends to dating before we got married, but the aspiration goal will not pop. Sign In or Register to comment.