Sunggyu is enlisting on May 14th. He served as a rapper and vocalist in boy band Infinite from and its sub-group Infinite H from up until his departure from Woollim Entertainment in Inspirit Destiny. Thanks for the info, we gave you credits in the post. Chosun News. Personals Twitter: It's easier than you think to get hacked. The goal for this year is to knock out the unsub loan amount as much as I can.


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On August 30th, Hoya left Infinite. The band debuted on June 9under Woollim Entertainment. Twitter: kyuzizi. Show more Sunggyu fun facts…. Dongwoo facts: — He was born in Gyeonggi, South Korea. Woohyun facts: — He was born in Chungcheong, South Korea. Sungjong facts: — Sungjong was born in Seoul, moved to Andong when he was 9, then to Gwangju and Jeonju, and then back to Seoul. Hoya facts: — He was born in Busan, South Korea. He plans to follow both an acting and a music career. A girl full of ideas, who speaks fluent foreign languages.

Show more Hoya fun facts…. If you use info from our profile, please kindly put a link to this post. Thanks a lot! Who is your Infinite bias? Do you know more facts about them? Feel free to comment below. It can help new fans find more info about them. My bias is L. When he goes from L to Myungsoo…. I kept changing but now Sungyeol is my bias! We added their drama appearence to the profile and we gave you credits in the post.

For all I knew. Hoya doesnt have an Older sister. Could you please add also their official fan infinite hoya dating rumors Thanks for suggesting! As for woohyun hes not the chef in them they only called him that for image thats what they said in showtime lol. Infinite has two sub-units 1. So the schedules will come up late because it will be hard to shoot for the new MV click here their comeback.

So its pretty impossible for them to have a comeback this May, it may be on the 1st infinite hoya dating rumors 2nd weeks on June instead. Sorry for the late reply, this period has been super busy.

About scorpion dance it was Hoya who taught Sunggyu the He changed his Twitter since he forgot his old password.

XD Thanks for the heads up, we gave you credits in the post! Can you click the following article the nicknames of Sunggyu like Gyujiji, kkulgyu loser gyuleader gyu, etc. Thanks for the heads up, it has been corrected.

L is just his nickname because during their pre-debut days, he looks like L of death note. Why hoya leave infinite and woollim. And vocalist. Woollim said earlier this year that all the members except L had renewed their contracts and that L was still thinking about it.

They said all members but one, so people thought it was either L or Matchmaking seattle because of their very successful careers out of Infinite.

However, later on, L did a weird that was… neither a yes nor a no.

It was long but meaningless for what it comes. He probably wanted to pursue another musical direction. Thank you. They music rocks! He just need some moneys and popularities, i just wish, as inspirit we still together as one with our infinite even without lee huwon. L is a lead vocal. Update: After Hoya left, Dongwoo became the Main dancer, Woohyun became the lead dancer and Sungyeol is a lead rapper. Infinite to make a comeback on January 8, These are the new pics for comeback. Please update.

I think L is more a vocalist than lead vocalist. And after their recent comebacks I think Sunggyu is the main vocalist and center L is still the face of the group and Woohyun is the lead vocalist. Also now that hoya has left it looks like Dongwoo is the main dancer now. But sunggyu is in the center mostly in their recent comebacks.

And sunggyu always serial korea dating agency cyrano more lines than Woohyun in their recent comebacks so I thought Woohyun is lead and sunggyu is main. Having more than one main vocal in a group is a common thing in Woollim. Even Lovelyz has three here infinite hoya dating rumors fyi.

They are both main vocalists. One of the most handsome guys in Kpop! Yeah, but Woollim said that L is the third vocal of the group. Sunggyu and Woohyun are the main vocals, so L is the lead vocal.

I think woohyun is the dancer leader and he is among the top 3 best dancer after hoya and dongwoo. Sungjong is ambidextrous. Sungjong was born in Seoul, moved to Andong when he was 9, then to Gwangju and Jeonju, and then back to Seoul. I think you should add it as one of his positions. Sunggyu become the sexiest solo kpop idol in JiU — L : Both are the face of the group. Both have the best visuals in the group. SuA — HoYa : Both are the main dancer of the group. Both are the lead rapper of the group.

And both have a good singing skill. DaMi — DongWoo : Both are the main rapper of the group. Both have deep voice. And both are the lead dancer. Yoohyeon — Sunggyu : Both have the most powerful vocal in the group. Both are the lead vocalist of the group. Both have the second most line in most of their songs. Siyeon — WooHyun : Both are the main vocalist. Both have the same powerful vocal with the lead vocalist but with a better voice and singing skill.

Both have the most line in most of their songs. Handong — Sungyeol : Both are vocalist. Both have a poor singing skills. Both have the least line in most of infinite hoya dating rumors songs. Gahyeon — Sungjong : Both are the maknae in their group. Both are vocalist. Both have a soft voice and not so good at singing. I love my bias Dongwoon so much! As Hoya became more popular through acting roles and dance shows, Dongwoo got left behind, which is a shame considering he has better vocals, looks and personality compared to Hoya, which people failed to see.

Even amongst members, dating site was plain to see how Dongwoo is pretty close and tight with everyone. Please put b-bomb block b as former member too because he was a final line up member of the group and the original leader before joined block b but he left before infinite debut.

For infinite hoya dating rumors all of them are cute. But if i had to choose two from the group they would probably be:L and Sungjong. Their leader enlisted May It was released on May 22, I love them all. This group has a special place in my heart just like BAP. They gave me different beautiful feelings with theie music and vocals. Facebook Twitter Google Plus Pinterest.