At the end of the episode, Aria confides to Mr. Caleb asks if they are supposed to tell the whole truth or just the part that they want to remember. Pilot Jenna is seen being guided into Alison's funeral by Toby, much to the surprise of everyone. Later, Pulling up to a picnic ground, Sydney and Jenna step out of Sydney's car. Jenna [to Ezra Fitz]: I'm fascinated by the nature of evil. Whirly Girlie Shana is seen in Aria's nightmare through a series of flashbacks, that include her toting a gun in New York, at Rosewood High, with Jenna, and playing the violin at the Brew. Sydney and Jenna have known each other before " Pilot ". Her and Noel appear at his brother, Eric's , party.


The two friends had different approaches to the race, with Jennifer preferring a calm, conservative strategy, while Shana preferred a more cutthroat one, which included using the U-Turn on another team against Jennifer's wishes in the fourth leg. Their differences finally took a toll on their ability to communicate with each other in the following leg, as they spent most of it arguing with each other, which hindered their performance and dropped them to last place, finishing 7th. Don't let their good looks fool you. Shana and Jennifer met six years ago and have been friends ever since. Shana currently makes a living as an actress and TV host of an online cooking show. She describes herself as loyal, passionate and spontaneous. She has lived abroad, is well traveled and feels right at home on the road. Jennifer works as a legal assistant and stock market researcher. When asked how she and her Teammate are most different, Jennifer claims that she is a bitch, while Shana is simply bitchy. When asked how they are similar, she responds "we care about what we look like and we're both intellectuals. Jennifer is also well traveled and is looking forward to hitting the road again. These ladies are both very competitive and convinced they have what it takes to become the first all-female Team to win the Race.

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