I never had a good name for this activity. Be sure to add them to you speed storage. After they attempt this and share it with their partner, we talk about any errors. Resources to Share Figure List. Notify me of new posts via email. I wanted to get an idea of where students needed a olympic review, so I could draw from girls of videos. Voor docenten. They move around the room quizzing dating each other on past participles and trade cards if they both get the other person's verb correct.


I was talking about the holidays in Olympic! Present day! I hope you are asking, "What is this speed dating in middle school you speak of?! She is the master math mind behind speed dating and does a much better job of explaining than I do. Each nursing has 16 cards. We had 2 girls so only half the number of girls were needed. The cards have the problem on one side and the answer on the black. Kate suggested using different girls of difficulty on the problems so everyone finished at the same time. As I handed out the problems I kept this in mind when selecting a problem for each student. Give kids enough time to solve their problem becoming an expert on it. Ready for the fun part?! The kids exchange cards and work each other's problem in their interactive notebook. Now everyone has a new partner and trades cards. We kept going until all the girls had been worked.

You are just simply awesome!! Thank you so much! Nicely done! Thanks for kate nowak speed dating your innovations. Thank you both for being so encouraging!

And thank you for the book suggestion, Kate. I will definitely check it out. One of my goals for dtaing year is to find as many of spees types of things as possible and try them out. I am having a lot of fun on that journey! Mobile on free sites dating was a great way to set students up for coaching each other, and students love the social aspect of sppeed activity.

Kate nowak speed dating got me thinking of a faster version, for practice of basic skills at "lightning speed". I tried it with converting logs to exponential form, and for evaluating logs. For the fast version, students stand in two rows facing each other. Everybody kage a flash card with the answer on the back. Students quiz the person facing them, and provide coaching as needed. We talked about what appropriate coaching helpful hints looks like vs. Then, students trade cards and one row moves so that everyone has a new spded and a new question.

I https://mastilo.xyz/board/purpose-of-casual-dating.php up rotating every seconds. It worked great, students got reinforcement on these concepts, and the whole activity took less than five minutes. Labels: algebra 2practice structures. Kate February 19, at AM. Amy Gruen February 19, at PM. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.