Shift by peanutbutterer reviews Post ep to 4x There is remaining tension between Callen and Deeks that is making it difficult for any of them to enjoy the evening. She couldn't put her finger on it just yet but something was going on. Kensi needed someone in her life who wasn't going to leave her. Theme 5. They all looked at him, confusion on their faces as they made their way up the stairs. Whatever kind of Densi you need, it's right here!


I wrote this prompt as a part of densiprompt's story exchange on Tumblr, but I know that many of you may not go on there so I decided to post it here as well. This is part one of a two-parter and I hope you guys enjoy it! This was my prompt, as requested by Shannon: Deeks finds out he has a younger sister. Established Densi. The sun's warmth quietly radiated through the bay window in the master bedroom, its brilliant early morning rays peeking through the thick drapes and casting a long shadow across the resting couple. In sleep, Kensi Deeks rolled over and shifted closer to her husband. Silently Marty Deeks ran a hand lazily through his wife's hair while his other arm enveloped her in a gentle hug. He caressed her back as he tenderly kissed his way from her neck to her exposed ear. Kensi peeped open one eye to look at him, and Deeks chuckled as the frown became evident in her sleepy features. After two full years of marriage, it seemed as though nothing had changed. Kensi was still the temperamental, stubborn, always fascinating yet ironically predictable woman Deeks had known since the very first day they met. Deeks, on the other hand, continued to surprise Kensi every day. There was never a dull moment, never a time when they questioned whether they had done the right thing in making the ultimate commitment in their relationship.

While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it dating laws oregon. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: tip: austen words sort:title. It's summer, which means Kensi and Deeks are once again off on kensi and deeks dating fanfiction summer vacation adventure of a lifetime. This year they've got the perfect plan and nothing can stop them.

The fourth installment of the Densi Summer Vacation Series! His relationship is in shambles. His heart doesn't know which way to go. Sometimes you need someone to remind you of what's most important. This time, that someone happens to be his mom. A post Ninguna Salida fic. Kensi has lied to countless suspects and witnesses before. It's just part of the job. But something about this lie is sticking with her. Post ep for "The Silo. There seems to be a connection between Chicago and LA but what?

Kensi brings Deeks back to meet his mother and, for the first time, introduces him as her boyfriend. However, what happens when Julia decides to show Deeks pictures of when Kensi was younger? Kiss him. He then spends a better part of half year to find who the beautiful brunette is. The three couples' monthly Skype call goes a little different than planned when it takes place on Mother's Day. Nate come back to LA and needs help with a new case and the team is ready.

He brings a colleague whom is considered a prime target because the rest of his team was slaughtered. But this new man is no stanger to Deeks and brings a fear from his hidden past. Even though he is no longer a little boy, the man holding a crushing grip around his throat is still the stronger of the two.

Deeks has always felt torn. Kensi or Callen. He talks through everything with Kensi hoping the answers will fall in place easily. Things are going pretty well for Tony; he's got a job he enjoys, a team he trusts, and a boyfriend who understands him.

Then a case brings up a past Tony was only too happy to forget about while Don struggles with the secret nature of their relationship. Deeks trusts his team But when one of the most important people in his life is threatened, the trust he places in his team members comes into question. One thing is for sure, they're all gonna kick his ass for lying to them.

Deeks has a secret and it's about to get out, leaving Kensi wondering how well she truly knows her best friend. Era un litigio continuo, una sfida continua ogni giorno. Erano strani? Tanto da credere che il vero amore esistesse davvero. Kensi and Deeks are married and they have a 2-year-old. Kensi is undercover and while undercover she loses her memory of her and seeks getting married but she does have vague memories of their child. This is not your typical one-shots with many characters and universes, it only centres around Nora and Callen and the kensi and deeks dating fanfiction and provides around the episodes more than the actual episodes themselves.

All of the individual one-shots will eventually be making a whole story around Callen and Nora as their life and relationship develops. Impressed, intrigued and interested. The only problem, he didn't even know she existed. The story of how Nora Lancaster managed to open the heart of G Callen and taught him how to let himself be loved. Top of Work Index. Main Content While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site kensi and deeks dating fanfiction without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

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