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Don Alfredo is a Brazilian man, although consider, how early can u get a dating scan consider Mediterranean, that likes to write about culture and all degeneracy he sees.

Alfie's a longtime traditionalist that despises neoconservatism and the new left's lunatics. As you probably have heard in the news, earlier in August a Pennsylvania grand jury handed down a 1,page account of sexual abuse which involved around 1, kids and priests during a period of approximately 70 years. It is another pedophilia scandal within the Catholic Click that adds up to their collection of countless other ones reported in recent years.

The commie pope—while on his two-day visit to Ireland—begged for forgiveness again, just the way he did in Chile back in January of this year. I wish more info media had the same commitment to inform the existence of other pedophile rings full of high-ranking people as well.

What about Hollywood? Remember Corey Feldman and Corey Haim? NXIVM and similar others? Picture: Pope in Ireland. To me there is a deeper explanation for it, and that explanation is: homosexualism.

As you guys are certainly aware of, the Church has a very big issue with homosexualism among its clergymen. I have a theory for the high presence of gay men inside priesthood: until not long ago being gay was definitely not ok, homosexuals were not accepted as they are now, so they became priests.

Now, try to imagine a closeted homosexual man living in the 50s, for example. What a better place to go than the Catholic seminary? Something that redophile dating he pointed out—extremely common among redophile dating men. As a traditionalist Catholic myself I would be delighted with such an event. Francis has already been complacent with other pedos before. I am sure there are tons of sick people who lean right also. The liberation theology, for instance, is a movement created inside the Catholic Church and some Protestant denominations which aims to mix Christianity and Marxism.

Be wary of any religious leader that tries to push a liberalization of dogmas and traditions. Because all religions are intrinsically conservative according to their respective contexts, they establish doctrines that dictate sets of continue reading that must be followed properly in order to attain their objectives whether is Salvation in Christianity or Nirvana in Buddhism.

There are no real religions without their redophile dating. Whenever you see liberal religious men doubt their characters. What they do care about is the religious platform, which can offer various benefits such as large audiences, political influence, money and even sex. It is also important to notice that the Church was emasculated, an emasculation that took place during the process of secularization and establishment of liberal democracies across the Western world e.

French Revolution. The Church had to be softened, link an institution that barely resembles the once powerful and great Church of the Crusades or the Inquisitions. And it will only get worse as liberal-democratic globalism redophile dating, so secular people: watch out! That was the real Church, click to see more this sissy catholicism created after the Second Vatican Council a modernist reform imposed in the Church from to A redophile dating of things got bad in the 60s.

The real Church has a very important and vigorous story in the construction of the West. Always being a target to the globalists and that breed who rules the world, a clear obstacle to their goals. Home About Archives Culture Masculinity. Don Alfredo Cabrera September 13, Religion Comments. Don Alfredo Cabrera. Send this to a friend Your email Recipient email Send Cancel.