Truth Hurts says:. Venting about your manager online. Pulling the plug on WiFi to prevent customers from watching pornography. We want to thank the LASD Lancaster Station for supporting the safety of our partner and the community, and we will continue to aid their investigation in any way we can. Most package coffee? Irvine's Top 3 Convenience Stores Looking to explore the top convenience stores in town? Wanna go on october 19, fans, and stunning blonde barista - rich woman in my heart. Dating policy at starbucks What to throw away pastries at home computers.


The state's mask order requires everyone to wear a mask while at the store or when you're within six feet of others outside. But what about when you're at the drive-through? A Contra Costa County Starbucks worker said the company has not been requiring their drive-through customers to wear one and has even threatened to reprimand her for asking customers to do so. The barista adds "if you're close enough I can hand you something, you need to be wearing a mask. While Starbucks has signage encouraging customers to wear a mask, the barista said employees are not allowed to enforce it. The worker said a notice posted on the employee bulletin said the company will not enforce the mask requirement at the drive-through unless locally mandated. The notice also offers workers options of what to say if a customer refuses to wear a mask inside the store, including telling them they "can go through the drive-through. A check Tuesday on other businesses in Contra Costa and Solano counties with drive-through service shows many customers were also not wearing masks. You're driving in a private controlled space, but you're definitely within six feet or you couldn't have the exchange. Contra Costa County also confirmed drive-through customers are not exempt from the mask rule, and provided the following statement:. The barista, who added she is immunocompromised with a kidney disease, said requiring masks at the drive-through is not too much to ask. Skip to content.

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