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The work, which is attributed to the ancient Chinese military strategist Sun Tzu "Master Sun", also spelled Sunziis composed of 13 chapters. Each one is devoted to an aspect of warfare and how it applies to military strategy and tactics.

For almost 1, years it was the lead text in an anthology that would be formalised as the Seven Military Classics by Emperor Shenzong of Song in The Art of War remains the most influential strategy text in East Asian warfare [1] and has influenced both Eastern and Western military thinking, business tactics, legal strategy, lifestyles and beyond. The book contained a detailed explanation and analysis of the Chinese military, from weapons and strategy to rank and discipline.

Go here also stressed the importance of intelligence operatives and espionage to the war effort. Because Sun has long been considered to be one of history's finest military tacticians and analysts, his teachings and strategies formed the basis of advanced military training for millennia to come. The more info annotated English translation was completed and published by Lionel Giles in This view is still widely held in China.

The strategist, poet, and warlord Cao Cao in the early 3rd century AD authored the earliest known commentary to the Art of War. Verses from the book occur in modern daily Chinese idioms and phrases, such as the last verse of Chapter Across East AsiaThe Art of War was part of the syllabus for potential candidates of military article source examinations. During the Sengoku period c.

The translator Samuel B. During the Vietnam Warsome Vietcong officers extensively studied The Art of War and reportedly could recite entire passages from memory. It is recommended reading for all United States Military Intelligence personnel. Some notable military leaders have stated the following about Sun Tzu and the Art of War:. According to some authors, the strategy of deception from The Art of War was studied and widely used by the KGB : "I will force the enemy to take our strength for weakness, and our weakness for strength, and thus will turn his strength into weakness".

They both read it in The art of war applied to dating Airo kept the French translation of the book on his bedside table in his quarters. The Art of War has been applied to many fields outside of the military. Much of the text is about how to outsmart one's opponent without actually having to engage in physical battle. As such, it has found application as a training guide for many competitive endeavors that do not involve actual combat.

Many business books have applied the lessons taken from the book to office politics and corporate business strategy. Many entrepreneurs and corporate executives have turned to it for inspiration and advice on how to succeed in competitive business situations. The book has here been applied to the field of education. The Art of War has been the subject of legal books [27] and legal articles on the trial process, including negotiation tactics and trial strategy.

The Art of War has also been applied in sports. National Football League coach Bill Belichickrecord holder of the most Super Bowl wins in history, has stated on multiple occasions his admiration for The Art of War. Particularly, one of the fundamental books about e-sports, "Play To Win" by Massachusetts Institute of Technology graduate David Sirlinis actually just an analysis about possible applications of the ideas from The Art of War in modern Electronic Sports.

The Art of War and Sun This web page have been referenced and quoted in various movies and television shows. Melfi suggests to Tony Soprano that he read the book.

Later in the episode, a survivor from a long-dead nonhuman empire noted common aspects between his own people's wisdom and The Art of War with regard to the art of war applied to dating when and when not to fight.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Ancient Chinese military treatise by Sun Tzu. For other uses, see The Art of War disambiguation. Seven Military Classics. Other texts. Prehistoric Ancient Post-classical Early modern Late modern industrial fourth-gen. Blitzkrieg Deep operation Maneuver Operational manoeuvre group. Grand strategy. Military recruitment Conscription Recruit training Military specialism Women in the military Children in the military Transgender people and military service Sexual harassment in the military Conscientious objection Counter recruitment.

Military—industrial complex Arms industry Materiel Supply chain management. China portal Philosophy portal War portal Books portal. Special Edition Books. The Illustrated Art of War. Oxford University Press. Archived from the original on Retrieved Chiang Mai: Cognoscenti Books. Military History and Professional Development. Government Printing Office,5—6, 93— New York:Oxford University Press, The International Journal of Learning. Business Insider.

The Sydney Morning Herald. Irish Independent. If angry, irritate him. If equally matched, fight, and if not split and reevaluate".

The Art of War. East Asia. Military deception. Denial and deception Disinformation False flag Information warfare Maskirovka Military camouflage Psychological warfare Ruse de guerre. Military dummy Q-ship. Bertram Bodyguard.

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Military art. The Art of War at Wikisource. Syun 1 -zi 2 bing 1 -faat 3. Operational Blitzkrieg Deep operation Maneuver Operational manoeuvre group.

Personnel Military recruitment Conscription Recruit training Military specialism Women in the military Children in the military Transgender people and military service Sexual harassment in the military Conscientious objection Counter recruitment. Logistics Military—industrial complex Arms industry Materiel Supply chain management.

Explores the five fundamental factors the Way, seasons, terrain, leadership, and management and seven elements that determine the outcomes of military engagements.

By thinking, assessing and comparing these points, a commander can calculate his chances of victory. Habitual deviation from these calculations will ensure failure via improper action. The text stresses that war is a very grave matter for the state and must not be commenced without due consideration. Explains how to understand the economy of warfare and how success requires winning decisive engagements quickly.

This section advises that successful military campaigns require limiting the cost of competition and conflict. Defines the source of strength as unity, not size, and discusses the five factors that are needed to succeed in any war. Explains the importance of defending existing positions until a commander is capable of advancing from those positions in safety.

It teaches commanders the importance of recognizing strategic opportunities, and teaches not to create opportunities for the enemy. Explains how an the art of war applied to dating opportunities come from the openings in the environment caused by the relative weakness of the enemy and how to respond to changes in the fluid battlefield go here a given area.

Explains the dangers of direct conflict and how to win those confrontations when they are forced upon the commander. Focuses storybrooke dating website the need for flexibility in an army's responses. It explains how to respond to shifting circumstances successfully. Describes the different just click for source in which an army finds itself as it moves through new enemy territories, and how to respond to these situations.

Much of this section focuses on evaluating the intentions of others. Looks at the three general areas of resistance distance, dangers and barriers and the six types of ground positions that arise from them. Each of these six field positions offers certain advantages and disadvantages. Describes the nine common situations or stages in a campaign, from scattering to deadly, and the specific focus that a commander will need in order to successfully navigate them.

Explains the general use of weapons and the specific use of the environment as a weapon. This section examines the five targets for attack, the five types of environmental attack and the appropriate responses to such attacks. Focuses on the importance of developing good information sources, and specifies the five types of intelligence sources and how to best manage each of them.

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