You might also miss the special events for your friends, family, and even your children. New romances are always super exciting. Just because police officers are tasked with keeping the streets safe and making sure that citizens are abiding by basic laws doesn't mean that they know every single thing about the criminal justice system. You'll be asked questions about any past drug use and any undetected criminal behavior. It's funny, but it may be a little too painfully true. Your Circle of Friends Will Become Smaller Over Time There are very few people who truly understand the demands of the job, and your friendships will change as your career progresses. Here come the pros and cons lists that go over a relationship's successes and failures.


Working as a police officer is a great career for anyone who wants a job where they feel that they can really make a difference on any given day. The job comes with a decent salary, excellent benefits, and a great retirement. It is a difficult process to eventually make it to the academy and land a spot wherever there is a need. The hiring process is very lengthy, for a good reason. They need to make sure that each candidate is a good fit for the rigors of police work. The whole process, start to finish, can take upwards of a year. However, once you are approved and start working, the job itself can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. With those rewards will come some significant changes to your life that you need to be prepared to experience. The freedom of your old life will be replaced by the responsibility of the job. Those easy Friday nights where I could relax and sit around playing video games and enjoying the freedom of my youth are now spent working. The weekends are the busiest time for most police departments and those times are when they need more people available. You will find yourself having to bow out of different social events because you are scheduled to work. People are relying on you to be there for them.

We may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post. Read our full disclosure here. Well, first of all, congratulations! New romances are always super exciting. And dating a man in uniform has its perks like looking hot as heck in his uniform, right? And I totally get it! I mean, not in a weird way. Between night shifts, shifts that unexpectedly go late, overtime shifts, and the dzting manhunt, your officer is going to be on the job a lot. But most importantly, work on making the most of that alone time.

Subscribe free! Hands down. Sometimes, people just suck. Do your best to be like a duck — let that drama roll off your back as much as possible. Because even though Negative Nellies are louder, there are plenty of good people around. In fact, there are a lot of things that could send you running for the hills.

And no amount of sexy uniforms can make up for a lot of it. But you know what does make up for it? Being lfficer the man who makes your heart swell up and fhings your soul thinngs fire. Who knows your imperfections and loves you anyway. In the meantime, enjoy the excitement of the early stages — and know that it just gets better from here. Subscribing via email free! Join thousands of other police wives who look forward to our weekly tips, tricks, with dating cars all inspiration for a happier police wife life.

Consider a gender neutral approach. My gf is exactly the same as described for said officer and yoi just as hot in the uniform but every offider word is his, Consider the badass woman in law enforcement that includes us dispatchers.

These are so true. It comes with advantages like you know shoul whole department has your back if you need because you are now part of the family. Hello I shouuld your insight in this article. I am a Christian woman and Things you should know before dating a police officer am exeriencing overwhelming difficulties in our relationship. My fiancee is an undercover officer.

So now it is our running joke. And the seat thing, yeah I think that is the real reason he pulls my chair out for me at restaurants. Your email address will offkcer be published. Facebook Twitter. Dating a Police Officer?

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